Joséphine Baker Once Said…

Josephine Baker was born Freda Josephine McDonald in St. Louis, Missouri on June 3, 1906 and died on April 12, 1975. Josephine naturalized French Joséphine Baker in 1937 and was an entertainer, French Resistance agent, and civil rights activist.

Surely a day will come when color means nothing more than a skin tone, when religion is seen uniquely as a way to speak one’s soul, when birth places have weight of a throw of the dice and all men are born free, when understanding breeds love and brotherhood. – Josephine Baker

I believe what Josephine Baker once stated about skin tone and religion. It’s sad to say even today that we’re still trying to find equality. With the recent events of George Floyd being killed by a police officer on video in Minneapolis, Minnesota on May 25, 2020. There’s been an upheaval of protests across the United States started the very next day in Minneapolis and then quickly spread to major cities across the United States and are still ongoing. This is of course happening during the CO-Vid19 epidemic where there are restrictions across the world in regards to travel, wearing of masks, social distancing and other things. Our lives have changed profoundly this year and George Floyd’s life ended tragically. The people involved in this tragedy should be held accountable for their actions. What I am hoping is that something good will come out of this. I know it’s hard to see what good can come out of it and I believe that some of the protests have been demonstrated properly but then there are the rioters and looters and fire-starters and this is wrong. Two wrongs do not make a right. We need to band together not break apart.

Let us stop saying ‘white Americans’ and ‘colored Americans’, let us try once and for all saying…Americans. Let human beings be equal on Earth as in Heaven. – Josephine Baker

I’m not sure when Josephine Baker said this quote but it is still true today. We need to stop saying ‘white Americans’ and ‘colored Americans’ we need to say Americans. I don’t think we are ready to do that as of yet and Josephine wanted equality and was an activist. It’s unfortunate that our President Donald Trump has done little to help the situation. I believe he really needs to take a good look at this situation across the United States and try to relate to the protesters and relate to George Floyd’s family and friends and supporters. Josephine Baker’s quotes are very profound and we should let human beings be equal on Earth as in Heaven.

The things we truly love stay with us always, locked in our hearts as long as life remains. – Josephine Baker

If you’re a consistent reader you may have noticed how these posts have changed from having a singular quote to multiple quotes from the person I’ve chosen. I feel that the people I choose on a daily basis at least to me have something to say and that these are things I feel need to be heard. Josephine said that things we love stay with us and this is true and I believe that it doesn’t just stay until life is over. Love lives on and life is precious and I believe that when one dies they are taken from our lives but they start a new part of their lives.

So in thinking this way or believing that George Floyd has started a different part of his life what do you think he would think of what is going on in America? What do you think he would say to the looters and rioters and people who start fires? What do you think he’d say to Donald Trump? We really need to be smart about this situation. Donald Trump needs to handle this situation better. There’s more going on in 2020 than we ever imagined. We need to band together, support each other, be empathetic, be mindful, stand together and stop making things worse.

J’ai deaux amours – Josephine Baker