Geena Davis Once Said…

Virginia Elizabeth “Geena” Davis was born January 21, 1956. Geena is an actress, advocate, executive producer, and former model. She has starred in many movies such as Beetlejuice with Michael Keaton and Winona Ryder, Thelma & Louise with Susan Sarandon, A League of Their Own with Tom Hanks and The Fly & Earth Girls Are Easy with Jeff Goldblum.

What are we saying to kids when the female characters are hyper-sexualised, narrowly stereotyped or not even there? The message clearly is girls are not as important as boys, women are not as important as men. And they take this all in completely unconsciously. – Geena Davis

What we see of women in movies has been improving but it is largely due to more female writers, directors and producers making movies that show more diversity for women in roles. The longer it continues to be the norm that’s how much longer it will last and beyond that because no change happens in a short period of time. There is always an adjustment period no matter what and that can take years. It needs to be improved but doing anything timely in life is not an option I guess.

All of Hollywood is run on one assumption: That women will watch stories about men, but men won’t watch stories about women… All of the decisions are made based on this – this concrete fact – and nobody’s ever really proved that that’s true. I think it’s a horrible indictment of our society if we assume that one-half of the population is just not interested in the other half. – Geena Davis

I’m not sure what exactly the percentage is on this and I suppose it really depends on how big the base study to figure out more iron clad facts to support the argument. I know for sure there are many many men who hate women and don’t want to watch or hear stories of women. They’re misogynistic and chauvinistic and stubborn and need to open their eyes before it’s too late.

So many other countries have had female leaders, in fact the U.S. ranks 61st in female representation in government

I think men think that women don’t belong as representatives of the government but from where I’m sitting we haven’t had many in high powered positions that have messed up as much as ours in the past four years. But yes make sure a woman can’t possibly be more sane than that two year old. England has had Margaret Thatcher and Queen Elizabeth II. What is America so afraid of?