Diana Gabaldon Once Said…

Diana J. Gabaldon was born January 11, 1952. Diana is an American author and best known for her Outlander series which has been turned into a Starz series. This series is one that a friend of mine got me into and I’m thankful for the suggestion because it is romantic and it is intimate and who doesn’t love a little bit of Scotland? I know my 1/4 Scottish self does.

Don’t stop. The only way you can fail at writing is to give up. – Diana Gabaldon

As I reflect on this particular experiment for me and look at what this is like compared to what I’ve written in the past I find that my writing has changed. With these it is kind of like a recipe where I get general ideas from the quotes or the person. I do admit there have been challenges for me with this in the past year, one came in the way of when I started working full time and trying to balance how I was going to continue on with my commitment to this and also still have free time for myself and life. For awhile I was putting pressure on myself to try to pick someone from the same date but I crushed that thought on day one beginning with Vincent Van Gogh and because it was someone I knew I wanted to include I forgave myself later for others that didn’t match particular dates. When I initially start going through this past year when I finish I plan to expand and figure out how or what to do to compile it for a book or books.

All I want, is for you to love me. Not because of what I can do or what I look like, or because I love you – just because I am. – Diana Gabaldon

I’m unsure which of Diana’s books this is from but I love the sentiment of this and who wouldn’t. We want to be liked or loved for who we are, not what we look like or what we do or how much we have but for the person that we are. That is how I try to put myself out there is a person who understanding, compassionate and loyal. These are things that you’ll receive in return when you put them out. That is how it is in life. If you’re an asshole, you’ll find many assholes. If you’re nice, you’ll find people are nicer to you. You get what you give and if you change the way you give, it will improve your results.

Intimacy and romance are not synonymous. – Diana Gabaldon

I completely agree, are they similar… a bit they have some things in common but to be romantic is a way of luring one, a way of speaking and acting. Intimacy encompasses so much more. You have a certain amount of intimacy with everyone that you meet and how close you allow them to be to you by what you share with one another. Intimacy is important in relationships because it is the one on one interaction that you have with one another that builds your relationship. Romance can be a way to show someone how you love them but not everyone is romantic.