Neil Diamond Once Said…

Neil Leslie Diamond was born on January 24, 1941. Neil is a singer-songwriter and actor which I remember as a child hearing his music on the radio and I believe my parents had one of his albums.

When you’re on a merry-go-round, you miss a lot of scenery. – Neil Diamond

Life is like being on a merry-go-round and sometimes it spins faster and you miss some of the things you’d see if you were standing still. Sometimes you have to get off and allow yourself to see different things instead of just going along. As an artist, writer, photographer I think we have the unique ability to freeze time, capture time or talk about a time by transporting you there or reminding you of the way things were. Musicians or music is a pieces of time capsules and depending on when our work gets recognized will likely be associated with that time. When a song is played somewhere enough times one will begin to associate it with that activity which includes songs being in movies and the more popular the movie the song is sure to follow.

I definitely don’t feel like I’m 71 (now 80). I feel like I did when I was – between 30 and 40. The body ages. The mind doesn’t. – Neil Diamond

Age is an interesting paradox, every day we gain age and experience. How we take care of ourselves helps slow down the aging process. We do this by what we eat, how much we eat, if we take supplements, how much exposure we get to the sun, things we do and how careful we are. When someone breaks a bone, it needs time to heal and it doesn’t always heal to the way it was before and that changes that part of you. We are only as old as we feel and I think that it’s hard to figure out how one is supposed to feel at a certain age and I think with certain stigmas that go along with age prevent us from wanting to admit we are a certain age. That is ageism and it is something that most definitely exists in our society. When you go for a job interview and you’re 21 and the other person is 57 regardless of degrees or experience there is an unfortunate truth in that the young 21 year old will be picked over the experienced 57 year old.

Songs are life in 80 words or less. – Neil Diamond

I completely agree and it’s a snippet of the songwriter’s life or something that inspired them or something that happened and they want to immortalize it. Songs immortalize by being passed along. Think about Christmas carols and when they were created and they’ve been passed long from generation to generation. Almost every country has songs which have been with that place for many years. Sometimes it is put together for a church gathering or some kind of club as a kind of mantra that you learn as being part of them. Whatever it is, it is all a part of life and sometimes it is just music and needs no words.