Equal Means Equal Contribution

My response to watching the documentary Equal Means Equal and my contribution to the site. We still don’t have equality and we all need to fight in order to make it become a reality.

The Luna Projects

What I am including is my victim impact statement from the trial for the State of Wisconsin VS Randy Holt and my story of what I went through.

For the last 20 years, I knew Holt prior to our year-long relationship. He always wanted one with me but when I finally agreed, I didn’t think it would end up the way it did. It seemed normal at first, however, Holt slowly and methodically brainwashed me. He constantly reminded me of his financial support while pointing out how my family and friends weren’t supportive. He told me they weren’t good enough but his only support was financial.

I believe that he was afraid that my therapist would find out about his jealousy and emotional abuse. He said therapy drove us apart in the past. I quit therapy to avoid arguing with him until Dexter died. Therapy gave me the confidence to…

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