Recently a friend posted a picture of Chester Bennington and I thought I’d share what I said about depression.

I can’t say that I knew him (Chester) either but I can absolutely relate to what may have been going on in his mind. We all have our demons, anything from childhood neglect or abuse, sexual assault, bullies, or all of the above. Then you factor in who do you trust and connect with and sometimes you find yourself alone with your haunts, all those haunts and you want to escape or make that pain stop. But you don’t know how, you get desperate, something else happens and it feels like you’ll never come out of it. Yea I know the feeling very well. And I do therapy and take medications and do DBT and have books and things to try to come up with how to survive. It’s never easy.

Someone commented their opinion about how suicide is cowardly. So I responded..

Most of the time I could give a fuck about someone else’s opinion but if it strikes close to home if it’s something you’ve already said to yourself repeatedly. Depression is a dance, we know or have the narrative of how people have reacted to what we say, and then we have all the pain and want release. I totally get it.