Marilyn Manson Once Said…

Brian Hugh Warner was born on January 5, 1969 in Canton, Ohio. He’s known professionally as Marilyn Manson as the lead in the band with the same name. Manson is an singer, songwriter, record producer, actor, painter and writer and in fact, years ago I read and still own, The Long Hard Road Out of Hell, which led to me drawing him.

If they think that an artist can destroy their faith, then their faith is rather fragile. – Marilyn Manson

Marilyn Manson has a very good point with this, many people have attacked artists because of tragedies and someone notices they liked Marilyn Manson or Metallica or some other heavy metal or grunge artist. I’m not stating that music cannot be influential but to destroy one’s faith? Really I doubt it. Before you state that Marilyn Manson is an atheist, he’s not, he talked about it some in his book and he believes in spirituality which is why I became a bit more open minded about his music. I wasn’t always a fan and that really didn’t come about until after I read his book and since I have an open mind I went into reading it with one and it allowed me to see the man behind the persona which inspired me to draw him.

I admit my drawing in the middle could be better but I was still learning more about how to draw people. I fully admit that I’m not as good with drawing people as my aunt Jeanne and not sure if I’ll ever get that close but since I’ve had extended periods of time where I haven’t drawn and haven’t focused on drawing people it isn’t about to get better until I do. I admit though my drawing isn’t that bad and most people have told me so.

I walked away exhilarated by my success, because there’s nothing like making a difference in someone’s life, even if that difference is a lifetime of nightmares and a fortune in therapy bills. – Marilyn Manson

Celebrity life I am sure especially for rock stars has challenges. When you’re trying to become famous you are likely more of who you really are and less of who you think that others want to see of you. I think as you gain popularity it isn’t an easy road for some to go from hardly no one knowing your name to everyone being up in your business and picking apart your life limb from limb. So I do imagine while he may have dark lyrics which came from dark places, experiences or from drugs that it is something that you can reach someone and they can relate to something you said or you changed their life somehow. I think he was also speaking about that toll that has on you when you realize that you did influence someone but that someone decided to twist what he thought you meant to their own will and decide to shoot up a school like that Columbine kid and the media’s twist that he was to blame. Brian or Marilyn Manson is not to blame for that kids choice in music nor is he guilty of someone getting pregnant because they fucked listening to Marilyn Manson. The media and others need to stop demonizing rock bands, rock lyrics, heavy metal and grunge. People will do what they will and it really has nothing to do with the music. Stop blaming outside factors and start looking at mental illness or abuse and I’m not excusing abuse for someone else killing people. If that were a fact than I should be the next murderer but I’m not and I never will be. And it isn’t even about mental illness because most of us have some kind of mental illness, it’s about choice and about how you grew up and what you decided to do with your life. Stop blaming and see the bad apples for who they are.

When you’re taught to love everyone, to love your enemies, then what value does that place on love? – Marilyn Manson

This is a question that I’ve always had tied in with religion. They’re always saying how you should love everyone including enemies but that isn’t something that I believe many or most of us do. In fact that may be one of the major keys for me in my life is because I have been through abuse, sexual assault and domestic violence it is really hard to “love” them. Religion also talks about forgiveness and that is another thing that I struggle with is how do you forgive someone that murdered your babies? How do you forgive them for choking you? How do you forgive someone for raping you? How do you forgive those that bullied or did you wrong? It’s not easy and I haven’t found an easy solution for that but I’m still working on it. Forgiveness but I think ‘love’ is going a bit far. I don’t think we have to love everyone. Respect? Maybe and at least for me respect is something that goes both ways and it’s hard to respect someone who has wronged you.

The Dope Show – Marilyn Manson