Ashton Kutcher Once Said… Don’t You’ll Ruin It

Christopher Ashton Kutcher was born on February 7, 1978. Ashton is an American actor, model, producer, entrepreneur, and venture capitalist. Some may remember him from That 70’s Show, Two and a Half Men or The Ranch and others from his rom-com movies A lot Like Love or Just Married but I also remember him from The Butterfly Affect and Punk’d. He’s also quite the entrepreneur and with his ex wife Demi Moore developed a human rights organization, Thorn, Digital Defenders of Children which helps capture human traffickers and works to combat the sexual exploitation of children and help end child pornography.

Three life lessons to live by: 1. Opportunity Looks a lot like hard work. 2 Being sexy…Is being really smart, thoughtful and generous. 3. Life life Build a life, don’t just live one.

I agree with all three points that Ashton made in this quote. Opportunity is a lot of hard work and you know it when you see it. One shouldn’t be intimidated by having opportunities but look at them as building blocks for your future. Sexy isn’t only about one’s outer appearance but about what’s inside, being thoughtful, being generous and intelligence is something that’s very sexy. The third lesson is important in that many of us work to live and some may life to work but we have to remember to live our life and not just work it. One does need to build the life that they want because it isn’t just something that gets handed to you.

My brother was born with cerebral palsy and it taught me that loving people isn’t a choice and that people aren’t actually created equal. – Ashton Kutcher

I do believe love is not something that we choose to do or not to do. There would be a whole lot less divorce if it were true, at least in my opinion. Marriage and divorce are things I don’t pretend to know a lot about but I do know some things. I’ve been married twice, engaged three times and divorced twice. What did I learn? What I learned from my first was that I was too young and impetuous to really know what I wanted and also naive to think that marriage would change the person. It does and doesn’t. It will when the marriage ends cause that’s usually when change occurs. I think in life people are hasty about it for all the wrong reasons but perhaps it is all the wrong reasons that gets us to be married most of the time. I know looking to the future that if it happens, it’ll happen and that I want it to be right.

A lot of people use social media to share mundane things or for self-glorification. I try to use it to share interesting things with people. – Ashton Kutcher

I’m not saying that I don’t feel at any point that I haven’t used social media for mundane things such as playing games. For the most part I believe that my time on social media has been to share my photography, my art, and stories to show distant friends and relatives things that they normally wouldn’t not get to see or experience. As an artist of course I do want to share that with the world because I believe art needs to be shared.