Samuel L Jackson Once Said…Go the F@$# to Sleep

Samuel Leroy Jackson was born December 21, 1948. Samuel is an American actor and producer.

If you have an opportunity to use your voice you should use it. – Samuel L Jackson

I didn’t know how meaningful this was until later in life. To be able to trust to open up to express yourself. These things are so important to realize and the sooner one realizes it the better. I have used my voice in many ways in my life from being a poet, journalist, yearbook story writer, radio announcer and blogger. I’m an activist for domestic violence, animal abuse and sexual assault amongst a few other things like equality and racism. We need to use our voices to stand up for those that cannot. Be the voice for the voiceless.

I don’t understand how people live without creating. – Samuel L Jackson

Maybe it’s easier for me since I am an artist to use my imagination. Perhaps it was from growing up before all of the electronics took over. I had to read books from the library. We used our imagination and went outside and made forts and played with barbie dolls and spent time making up stories, drawing or somehow entertaining ourselves. We also learned at the same time of doing it. Never give up on learning something new because you never know where it may take you.