Nicolas Cage Once Said…

Nicolas Kim Coppola aka Nicolas Cage was born January 7, 1964. Nicolas is an American actor and filmmaker who’s been in many many movies through the years such as City of Angels with Meg Ryan and Dennis Franz, Moonstruck with Cher, Con Air, Face/off and the National Treasure movies.

Whatever makes you weird is probably your greatest asset. – Nicolas Cage

I already know that I’m weird… but what makes me weird? I’m not sure if it’s my writing or the way I talk. I know most people say I have a long run-on story that I start and trail off into something else and then go back to the first part…some people say that is a way of talking in circles and not making sense. Usually when I start with something and get talking on a side note there’s an important point that I thought of that I’m trying to let you know about. So maybe it is the way I talk and way I write that makes me weird. It could be the art side of me and how I see things but I don’t see them as weird, I just see them and like to show others that vision.

I would rather have had one breath of her hair, one kiss from her mouth, one touch of her hand, than eternity without it. – Nicolas Cage – from City of Angels movie

Wanted to bring up one of the lines I remember most from City of Angels spoken by Nicolas Cage so that I could talk about the sentiment behind it. I feel that romance over the years has been something that has sadly went by the wayside. Men and women become jaded. Women want more romance and men get jaded or are disinterested in it. I still like to believe in romance and who wouldn’t want someone that makes you feel the way that Nicolas Cage felt about Meg Ryan in City of Angels. That is love and he gave up his forever to be among the living because he chose to fall for her and was talking to his friend about what it was like.

Understanding is deeper than knowledge. There are many people who know you but very few understand you. – Nicolas Cage

Oh how true it is. Many people will tell you that they know how you feel and other’s state they understand how you feel. I think that there are few that actually do get to know the individual and about as few that can truly understand what it feels like for this or that. Sometimes we don’t want to hear it and sometimes it’s nice to have the acknowledgement that someone else does know what it feels like to have a deeper knowing of what we went through. That is how many connections start. I’m not saying it’s not possible to connect with someone that you haven’t gone through the same things as. It is but there’s a different and deeper connection. Which is often what we seek out when we struggle is that deep understanding.

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