Jakob Dylan Once Said… She Died Easy of a Broken Heart Disease as I Listened Through the Cemetery Trees

Jakob Luke Dylan was born December 9, 1969. Jakob is an American singer, songwriter and lead singer to the rock band the Wallflowers. He also happens to be Bob Dylan‘s son.

Tolerance can lead to learning something. – Jakob Dylan

I think in life you have to learn a bit of tolerance if you want to survive. You have to tolerate a lot of things that you don’t like and even might hate, like work. Work can often be something that often people have low tolerance for because they choose jobs that they don’t like or that frustrate them because it pays a certain amount of money. Money only goes so far and it is not the key to happiness. It’s the relationships you have with one another and the things you do for one another, not things. Things are expendable and you cannot take them with you when it’s all over. That is an important lesson to learn in life aside from tolerating things. I think in many ways society has less tolerance now than they had before. So many things are so fast paced and people want everything and want it all right now. Tolerance helps with that too because you have to put up with certain things in order to get what you want.

If all were left believing was what you were seeing, it’d be nothing but desperate. To have hope, you’re going to have to imagine that there’s something behind the curtain. – Jakob Dylan

I don’t know if having hope is believing there’s something behind the curtain. I think there’s a certain amount of truth in that but I think that believing in possibilities and thinking that there is more than what you see if you know how to look and where to look. We often miss seeing things and miss out because of it. People need to slow down and look for the things you may have missed. One never knows what you might stumble across. Maybe that’s what Jakob was trying to say.

You have to have a work ethic, and you have to be educated enough in what you’re doing. You have to take it seriously. It doesn’t mean that everything you do has to be serious. But you’ve got to have the tools. – Jakob Dylan

Work ethic is very important and isn’t necessarily something one learns in school, it’s more of a real world thing that you learn. I’m not saying that in some ways school doesn’t prepare you for it a bit but I think in some ways that school tends to push you to learn things that you won’t necessarily use in the future. I think in some ways the school system needs to be reviewed a bit starting from when you’re young and shaped more. I know other countries where when you develop interest in certain things and learn them quicker than you’re often given opportunities to do different things. I think that there should be more kinds of testing in the early stages so you can be shaped more. I’m not saying that people that test a certain way wouldn’t be able to try to do something they didn’t test well in. Part of learning and part of experience in life is trying things and pushing yourself and society to be the first female president, doctor, fire fighter, pilot, guitar player, anything that you think you may want to try.

One Headlight – the Wallflowers