Jim Morrison Once Said… the Future’s Uncertain but the End is Always Near

James Douglas Morrison was born on December 8, 1943 and died on July 3, 1971. Jim was an American singer, songwriter, poet and best known as lead singer to the rock band The Doors.

whoever controls the media controls the mind. – Jim Morrison

I believe there is a distinct truth in this statement from Jim Morrison… even more-so now than back in his time. We now have the internet, social media and while I may not be considered media or other bloggers we also contribute to part of the social conscience. But to take that further I think the people who have money that pay for the ads or pay media for whatever also influence what is put out on media. So it is difficult to figure out what is real and what has had fabrication or not enough research. Who is behind the writing and what do they have to gain from it. When you take these things into consideration perhaps you would read or listen to news a bit differently. That’s why I like to keep an open mind when watching the news and I also like to think or experience things for myself instead of having someone else tell me what I want.

We fear violence less than our own feelings. Personal, private, solitary pain is more terrifying than what anyone else can inflict. Jim Morrison

To a certain extent I know this is true but as someone that has gone through multiple traumatic experiences in their life one becomes hyper-vigilant. This is a by product of having gone through trauma and when it is prolonged as it was many can get or have post traumatic stress disorder. Trauma is not something that can just be brushed or rushed away, it takes a lot of time, patience and work to go through what you need to. Part of what I think Jim says is yes some of the pain you experience in life stems from your own inability to process events. Not all are easy to do which is why you need to give yourself a break, take it a day at a time and do what you can. That’s all you can do.

Expose yourself to your deepest fear; after that, after that, fear has no power, and the fear of freedom shrinks and vanishes. You are free. – Jim Morrison

I think there’s a certain amount of truth in this and that’s something that I have done on my own when trying to deal with past trauma. I would go back to places I hadn’t been or had been avoiding. I write about different aspects, memories and how I felt, what I did and what I did during and after through the hard times. It does help to expose it, to express it because it does shrink the fear of it. The more it shrinks the better you feel but I don’t know if it ever completely vanishes, diminishes but not go completely away.