Harry Houdini Once Said…

Erik Weisz aka Ehrich Weiss aka Harry Weiss or Harry Houdini was born on March 24, 1874 and died on October 31, 1926. Harry was a Hungarian-born American illusionist, stunt performer and famous freemason.

What the eyes see and the ears hear… the mind believes. – Harry Houdini

This doesn’t just go for magic but life when you see something and hear something the mind will think that it is real. Of course there are tricks or illusions that make people wonder and who is to say what is what what is not? How do you know? For sure? You use your senses when trying to make sense of things but they can at times misinterpret things or get confused. No life isn’t just a bunch of trickery or is it?

My brain is the key that sets my mind free. – Harry Houdini

Kind of a cute play on words for Houdini considering he was an escape artist and illusionist or magician. He had to of had a brilliant mind to do the things that he did and to be part of the freemasons. There are definitely things in life that you need to learn and one particular thing that’s very important is how to let go of things or set them free… you’re not only letting go of something but you’re helping unburden yourself.

Little did I know that Harry spent his early life after being born in Budapest (Hungary) living in Appleton, Wisconsin. What is it with Hungarian immigrants deciding to settle in Wisconsin? I say this because part of my family came over from Hungary and were in Weyerhauser, Wisconsin. No wonder he wanted to escape. Hah!

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