Daryl Hannah Once Said…

Daryl Christine Hannah was born on December 3, 1960. Daryl is an American actress and been in a multitude of movies from Splash to Steel Magnolias to the Kill Bill series. She’s a strict vegetarian and was diagnosed with autism at an early age.

It’s really important to me to show the interconnectedness of things. I always try to illustrate how environmentalism, humanitarianism, animal rights – all those things – are one and the same. – Daryl Hannah

I couldn’t agree more there is an interconnectedness of environmentalism, humanitarianism and animal rights. Those things for me go hand in hand because they are a part of how I view myself and how I am. No I’m not a vegetarian, I tried it for awhile though but I found myself more-so a pescatarian. I don’t think that you have to not eat meat to be an animal activist or that I’m less for animal rights. I’ve always loved animals and the trauma I went through definitely heightened my views on animal abuse.

I am proof it’s just differently ABLE! – Daryl Hannah

I believe that you shouldn’t let what people think is a disability stand in your way. There are plenty of people that are and are successful so I love the option differently able because you are able with your depression, ptsd, ms, cancer, cerebral palsy and even als (Stephen Hawking). I’m not saying that it doesn’t make life more challenging, I have post traumatic stress disorder and I’m doing whatever I need to in order to keep pushing myself.

I really struggle with that feeling of helplessness. That’s why I really try to get my blogs, and even myself, to point to the positive and look at all the inspiring things that are happening. – Daryl Hannah

This is something else that I completely agree with Daryl about is focus on positive points and point out ideas about how one can go about finding that in ones life. Part of this past year of writing everyday has been something I wanted to do as part of mindfulness but I also wanted to discipline myself. Hard to believe that it has almost been a year since I started this project. I wanted to explore many different aspects with some people that I’ve admired and some people I picked because of what was going on in life at the time. I have some ideas for the upcoming year and this isn’t over at the end of 2020, I started in February and plan on continuing for the full year.

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