Laura San Giacomo Once Said…

Laura San Giacomo was born on November 14, 1962. Laura is an American actress that’s been around for awhile, from playing opposite of Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman, to being in Stephen King‘s The Stand as Nadine Cross, to the tv series NCIS and Just Shoot Me and more.

We don’t have a really constructive or positive view of disability around the world. But what would happen if the doctor said to you, instead of these ridiculously heartbreaking predictions, which are so often not true, why don’t they say to you, “Look, this is the greatest gift you’re going to be given”. – Laura San Giacomo

There are some people that can handle and who are capable of understanding what it takes to raise children but more often it is more difficult to raise one that has special needs. One of my dear friends is one of those people, she unlike some chose to adopt her second child with special needs. I believe she would agree with this statement from Laura because I do see how much love and what raising her children has done for her. It teaches you humility, humanity and can push you to your limits and when you reach those milestones and go through this and are genuinely loving and caring it will fill your soul.

They (your child with special needs) will find and show you what they are going to be excited and passionate and joyful about. And your job is to take a machete and carve the path in front of them. Find out what they love and carve it and let them experience all the world. – Laura San Giacomo

This is something I’ve observed from my friends who are mother’s. I’ve seen them fight for their children and give their children opportunities to be themselves, whoever they are and whatever they want to do (within reason) and those who have special needs have to have a sharper edge to be able to carve the path for their children. I’m not saying that people that have children without special needs shouldn’t encourage their children or have it easier but I think that more often than not a child that has special needs doesn’t get the opportunity to do certain things and that’s why the Mom’s voice needs to be louder and she needs to fight more for their children so they get those opportunities. It’s those mothers that help with the teachers, that talk to those they need to talk to and find ways of giving their child the opportunity.

There’s always the question of what is good and evil and the gray area between where that most people live. In everyday life, things aren’t black or white but rather there’s a lot of coping and really tough decision making. – Laura San Giacomo

I believe this to be absolutely true but I think that sometimes in life we don’t look at those gray areas and often just see the black and white which are a bit more obvious. It’s the gray areas which show us there is more to live than just two options. Perhaps that’s why I’m a libertarian. Perhaps that’s why I feel the need to stick up for the underdog because I’ve felt as if I were the underdog, misunderstood when I feel that I got to see quite a bit more in life and I have a good grasp on reality. It’s the experiences that we go through in life that shape us into who we are and we all have choices on how we deal with things and I think often people go for the two easiest options, black and white but I tend to see that gray area and embrace it.

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