Bryan Adams Once Said…

Bryan Guy Adams was born on November 5, 1959. Bryan is a Canadian guitarist, singer, composer, record producer, photographer, philanthropist, and activist.

There’s not an instruction manual on how to deal with success. So you just have to rely on having great friends and a good team. – Bryan Adams

I find it interesting or intriguing that Bryan Adams after being a musician decided to take time out to do photography, I know it is art and while I’m an artist, photographer and I’m practicing writer… guess I just was amused. I get it though as a performer you put yourself out there and hope that someone likes what you write or sing or likes the way you play sports or dance… in one instance you may feel more like it’s something that you’re doing for others approval but when you’re taking photographs you’re capturing something and allowing someone to see something from your point of view. I think photography is very powerful that way and that’s why having an eye or perspective is very important.

I think a lot of people want to be remembered the way they were, as opposed to the way they are now. – Bryan Adams

I think that happens sometimes as we gain age and we do things that we regret which is why I try to make it a habit to think about my decisions, especially big ones to made educated choices but sometimes those decisions still end up biting you in the ass. Then you have to figure out how to recover from the incident and be able to roll with the punches that come your way from the aftermath. If you can’t perhaps you should think more about what you’re doing so that you don’t have to be left in that position again.

I like to be able to present myself in two or three different ways because I’ve never really wanted to rest on my laurels and be something that people expected. – Bryan Adams

I guess this explains the photography a bit for me. I do get it, especially as an artist and also as a photographer. When I hear Bryan Adams I mainly think of the musician… but now I also think of the his photography which happens to be very good. I think in some ways that’s why I’ve pushed myself to write everyday in a year so that I can see where I can go with it. I do or would like the opportunity to write a book and I am still trying to figure out how or what I’m going to do to continue my passion for writing. One of my author friends gave me this experiment for writing and I might take a shake at that. This I felt was a way of disciplining myself into figuring out just how much I could write and if I could do it consistently..

Bryan Adams – Summer of ’69

Just a Sample of Bryan Adams Photographs that are very stunning! Amy Winehouse, Queen Elizabeth II and Sergei Polunin.