Sean Connery Once Said…There Can Be Only One

Sir Thomas Sean Connery was born on August 25, 1930 and died on October 31, 2020. Sean was a Scottish actor, producer and one of his most iconic roles was when he played James Bond.

It’s never too late to be the person you might have been. – Sean Connery

This is something that I believe because you can always learn something new, try something new and become something different. Time is fleeting and you never know when you are going to run out of time so it is best to try and do things when the opportunity arises or when you can because it may be the thing that ends up defining your life.

If you harm an animal or child I think it safe to say…. you’re a moron and a shithead. – Sean Connery

On this matter it definitely speaks volumes to me. Hurting someone or an animal is a very cowardice thing to do and only makes you look like the biggest asshole in the world. I’m not talking about spankings I’m talking about beatings, strangling and worse things that should never even be considered because you’d rather die a thousand deaths because that’s exactly what you deserve when and if you do those heinous acts. In fact for me I’d go as far as to say one that rapes, beats or kills an animal or another living being and has no remorse or feelings should really be put to death. Yes I support the death penalty. It was a death sentence to do the unspeakable things.

The key to a woman’s heart is an unexpected gift at an unexpected time. – Sean Connery

This is something that women will rarely speak of but most of us women love to be surprised and it rarely happens that when it does that is when we tend to melt just a little. It’s harder when you get older and are with someone a long time but I know from experience it’s still more than possible to surprise the other one to let them know just what you mean to them.