Dennis Franz Once Said…

Dennis Franz Schlachta was born on October 28, 1944. Dennis is known is a retired American actor. For starred as a cop in NYPD Blue and Hill Street Blues. However my the role that sticks out for me that he played is Nathan Messenger in, the movie City of Angels with Meg Ryan and Nicolas Cage.

I respect people and expect that kind of respect back. – Dennis Franz

I completely agree and am the same with people. I try my best to be respectful to everyone until I lose respect for you. Because I want to be respected as most people do I think it helps when you are respectful to people that you’re in contact with. It’s harder to get people to listen to you if you’re acting otherwise.

Our country offers such great opportunities for us all. Unfortunately, too many hard-working citizens go day to day without enough food to eat. – Dennis Franz

We often hear about starving children or people in Africa or other impoverished countries but there are people right here and very likely where you live who are struggling to figure out where their next meal is going to be. It is good to be charitable but I believe we should start in your local area or with your family and friends and if they’re OK then look at your community. I’m not saying you shouldn’t donate outside of where you live… I’m saying maybe if more did then maybe we wouldn’t have as many issues locally and maybe it would help us to notice what’s under our own noses.

Coming from Chicago. I like a white Christmas. – Dennis Franz

I’ve lived in places where I have had snow on Christmas and others where there wasn’t any snow and I think that when you’re growing up what you have for earlier memories of Christmas are the ones that we tend to seek out as we grow older. I’m happy to say that Ohio gives me all seasons and especially a longer autumn and spring and just enough snow but not too much.