Katy Perry Once Said…

Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson aka Katy Perry was born October 25, 1984. Katy is an American singer, songwriter, and television judge that’s married to Orlando Bloom.

If you’re presenting yourself with confidence, you can pull off pretty much anything. Katy Perry

I agree that a lot of what makes people stand out or be noticed is the confidence behind whatever it is that they’re doing to be noticed. Whether it be writing, taking pictures, singing, acting or whatever else. Some of what you want to do is present yourself boldly, learn as much as you can and never stop asking questions. There’s always more to learn in life and it helps get you noticed as well.

Maybe you’re the reason why all the doors are closed, so you can open one that leads to you to the perfect road. – Katy Perry

If it were me and I think that’s how I’ve viewed things in life I see the several options which stand before me or the doors but curiosity got the cat and wants to know what are behind the doors that you might have overlooked…and so I look but then life catches up and steers you down a different path to exactly where you’re supposed to be. That’s my take on things as well. We do have plenty of choices and those are lessons behind those doors and I think that we have to choose for ourselves to look behind the door, ignore the door or try that door. Regardless it’s a lesson in life and sometimes the most profound lesson will shape you into who you are.

For a modern woman it is important to be supported and that there is equality in every aspect, and that it’s not two halves that make a whole – it’s two wholes that make a whole. – Katy Perry

I do agree but arguably one can still do things on their own and you’re the person that ultimately decides what to do in life and that is going to push you the most. However it is nice and very helpful to have someone or people in your life that support you in what you choose to do that are your cheerleaders that help push you when you run out of gas. For all my cheerleaders I’ve had thank you from the bottom of my heart. I am so glad you were there to lift me up and help me see things.