David Lee Roth Once Said… Gimme a Bottle of Anything and a Glazed Donut.. To Go

David Lee Roth was born on October 10, 1954. David is an American musician, singer, songwriter, actor, author, artist, who is best known for being the first lead singer for Van Halen with Alex & Eddie Van Halen.

Yankee Rose – David Lee Roth

If there’s something I remember about growing up in the 80’s with Friday Night Videos, Night Tracks and MTV it was watching David Lee Roth go from being in Van Halen to his solo career with hilarious music videos. I think in the 80’s when everything was first starting out it was almost like people were competing to see who could make the best music video and Dave had several.

When I die, sprinkle my ashes over the ’80s” – David Lee Roth

I found this quote amusing because I think that David Lee Roth has already done that with the music he made with Van Halen which arguably was best lead singer they had, at least that’s my opinion. That’s also been an argument mentioned in The Wedding Singer movie. 😉

California Girls – David Lee Roth
The problem with self-improvement is knowing when to quit. – David Lee Roth

I’m not sure many stars realize this until it’s too late, especially ones that live in California with all the plastic surgeons, personal trainers, etc. The more that news, magazines, media and now social media has grown we’ve become more and more obsessed with the way we look. The bad part of it, especially now with photo editing you never really quite know what someone looks like, at least in the 80’s we had an idea and we also knew they spent a good bit of money to change their nose, breasts, face, hair, etc and so on to make us into barbie and ken dolls.

What makes me the happiest in life? I sell smiles for a living. Here, have one free. It looks good on you. – David Lee Roth

I always enjoyed David Lee Roth because he seemed funny and genuinely happy. Sure I’m not saying that part of the time it wasn’t he fabulous lifestyle but for the most part I feel he did sell smiles for a living. People enjoyed his music, his videos and still enjoy them to this day. Keep smiling.

Hot for Teacher – Van Halen