Eddie Van Halen Once Said…

Edward Lodewijk Van Halen was born in Amsterdam, Netherlands on January 26, 1955 and died October 6, 2020. Eddie was a Dutch-American musician, songwriter, producer, inventor and probably best known for founding the band Van Halen with his brother Alex Van Halen.

Rock stars come and go. Musicians play until they die. – Eddie Van Halen

And play is definitely something that Eddie did with his brother in Van Halen. Eddie also played guitar solo on Michael Jackson’s Beat It and for awhile he was married to Valerie Bertinelli. I would say that Eddie was also a rock star but he was very much an experienced musician and learned how to play piano by ear and watching his piano instructors hands. Same way he got the idea for tapping on the guitar by watching Jimmy Page. Now that’s talent!

Every song is like a kid. How can you have that many kids and have a favorite? Which one do I like to hang out with most with? – Eddie Van Halen

I find it interesting that Eddie compared songs to children but it does make sense because how do you have a favorite. I’m sure that however you came up with a particular song will stick with you but as it gains popularity and you have to perform it then it could lose its luster. Or at least I could see how that could happen. Eddie was also a songwriter which is another part of what it is to be a musician and can set you apart as well.

It’s always a catch 33 situation. They hate you if you’re the same and they hate you if you’re different. – Eddie Van Halen

This is something ever so true about life and people. Some will hate you if you’re the same and others will hate you if you’re different. You have to find your own path in life and I would rather not be a copy of a copy of a copy but rather unique, different and special. We all have that potential if we just try to not be cogs in the wheel.

Beat it – Michael Jackson (with EDV guitar solo)
Van Halen – Jump