Linda McCartney Once Said…

Linda Louise (Eastman) McCartney was born on September 24, 1941 and died on April 17, 1998. was an American photographer, musician, animal rights activist, and entrepreneur. She was married to Paul McCartney and played in his band.

If you see something that moves you, and then snap it, you keep a moment. – Linda McCartney

I think this is the secret behind every good photographer is seeing the moment before it happens and capturing it at the precise time. I feel I have a knack for that with my photography and that’s why it’s liked as much as it is. Another thing is I try to capture candid moments rather than posed, sure I have taken photos that were posed but I often look at the moments I was able to get that weren’t asked for. That’s what shines through.

I don’t need a lot of money. Simplicity is the answer for me. – Linda McCartney

I’ve never really had a lot of money, I’ve had enough and probably at times more than I knew what to do with and when you move around as much as I have you begin to simplify your life. The more you move the more you simplify things. You start letting go of things that you know you’ll never quite get to or pass them to someone that has a purpose for them. I like being able to do that for others, to give them something they want and if it’s something I happen to have that I don’t need I look at is something for them to remember me by. If they choose to.

We have lasted this long close together, so we must have something going for each other. – Linda McCartney

Sometimes this is the key to making things last, if you’re together and not killing one another and can handle being together it’s possible if you have patience and don’t just brush things off then two can make it. It does take two and takes patience and it takes understanding and a coming together. To put yourself in the other one’s shoes to really think about what it is for them to receive or go through whatever. To have better communication, to be open and to expand your horizons.

Linda McCartney’s Life in Pictures

I very much do what her daughters describe in this video when I am sitting around and trying to capture moments. I’ll be talking to you and you’ll talk to me and I’ll see you look a certain way and I’ll catch it. I just do that. Lucky that way.