Michael Hirst Once Said…

Michael Hirst was born September 21, 1952. Michael is an English screenwriter and producer. Probably best known for the tv series of Tudors and Vikings.

Once I engage in something, I really engage in it, and I love the process of reading and researching because I come from an academic background. – Michael Hirst

As an artist and writer I find this to be true because I can get lost in what I am drawing, or taking photographs and even writing. I have a process for my writing which sounds familiar to what Michael said in regards to researching and reading, I do that with the people I choose for the day to help me decide whether or not I will use that person. When I look at who they are and things they’ve said or written and I like it I will use that person. I try to relate to what the person has said and how I am feeling at the time or what is going on in life that I want to address. This helps the flow of my writing. I chose Michael because I feel he did a brilliant job with the show Vikings.

The Vikings certainly didn’t write anything about themselves; it was not a literate, but rather a pagan, culture. So what we get was written later by Christian monks. But there were more occasional reportings and recordings of people who had traded usually with the Vikings. – Michael Hirst

The story of the Vikings has been one that has been a bit of a mystery and pieced together from multiple writings and stories that have been passed from one person to the next. I think it’s because we don’t know as much as we’d like so we try to learn more but are a bit hindered because they didn’t write about themselves. I don’t mind and even am quite fascinated by the Viking culture as them being pagans. I guess perhaps it’s because I see myself as a more spiritual person and many of the religious holidays that we celebrate today have a history and more than strong similarities to pagan holidays.

I only have one idol: John Lennon – Michael Hirst

I may idolize more than just John but John Lennon is definitely someone that I consider as an idol. There are also many artists, musicians and writers and people that I consider to be my idols. Who are your idols?

If I had a Heart – Fever Ray