Molly Shannon Once Said…

Molly Helen Shannon was born on September 16, 1964. Molly is an American actress and comedian who’s probably best known for being on Saturday Night Live or SNL.

I think things get a lot better after high school. I think the ones that struggle during that time tend to have better experiences after. – Molly Shannon

In many ways I look back upon the struggles that I went through when I was young as harsh stepping stones and alas they were but they also taught me to be fierce. They served me well to learn how to have less fear and the lessons I’ve learned since have only sharpened my senses.

The three words every woman really longs to hear: I’ll clean up. – Molly Shannon

Might seem like a joke but it is something to be cherished as well. It is not only the woman who cooks and cleans nor her responsibility. It is a woman’s responsibility to learn how to cook and learn how to clean and to also to teach her daughter and or sons how to be able to do so. Sure there are times that a child grows with only a Father and he must do double duty but alas there are more children that grow up without a Father. There are also some that know not of their Father or Mother but substitutes, adopted or caregivers and they learn from them or learn on their own. But learn we must because some will have to do it for themselves because there will be no other to do it for them.

I just wanna say one thing to all of you: don’t listen to the names that people call you! If you believe in yourself then nobody can hurt you. You are your own rainbow. – Molly Shannon

I think what Molly was trying to say is one needs to believe in yourself and pay no mind to hurtful words. You can choose whether or not to let words affect you and to ignore them or you can be hurt. Only you can make that choice, often we are our own worst enemy but we need to learn to be kinder to ourselves and be our own source of hope.