Prince Harry Once Said…

Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, Henry Charles Albert David born September 15, 1984. Prince Harry is a member of the British royal family.

This is not just about women. We men need to recognize the part we play, too. Real men treat women with the dignity and respect they deserve. – Prince Harry

I couldn’t agree more than we women deserve to be treated with dignity and respect. That is all that many of us hope for in life but it is not what some of us have had. Princess Diana, Harry’s mother and Queen Elizabeth, his grandmother I feel they helped Harry and William grow to treat women with the dignity that all women deserve. Perhaps it has to do with Queen Elizabeth being monarch for so many years or Princess Diana’s independence that she passed along.

Conversations with my mother, father, my grandparents, as I’ve grown up have obviously driven me towards wanting to try and make a difference as much as possible. – Prince Harry

I’m sure many believe that Prince Harry had a life of splendor because he was raised as a royal. I’m saying that he didn’t have privilege but I think that because Princess Diana was so independent and he lost her at a young age that it shaped him and his brother Prince William in a way. I suspect they learned much from the trauma and learned to see mental illness in a different light as well. It’s a shame that it takes someone famous or for someone to become infamous to learn how to view things in a different light.

Mental health is a sensitive subject amongst a lot of people, but it doesn’t need to be. We need to talk about it more, get rid of the stigma. – Prince Harry

Mental health is indeed a sensitive subject because of the stigma. Many people want to hide mental illnesses, therapy, self help, support groups, mental hospitals because of the stigma and because it has been not talked about, not dealt with, hidden for many years. There has been some who have made efforts to bring awareness to mental illnesses and treatments as well as I have and I’m grateful for their efforts. My hope is that the more awareness that is brought to treatment that one day it won’t be something of shame.