Ian Holm Once Said…

Sir Ian Holm Cuthbert September 12, 1931 and died on June 19, 2020. Ian was an English actor. I loved him best as Bilbo Baggins in Lord of the Rings. He was a brilliant actor who will be remembered fondly.

I don’t know half of you as well as I should like, and I like less of half of your half as well as you deserve. – Bilbo Baggins

By far this is one of my favorite lines of the book and having been mostly nice in my life it’s difficult to not become jaded. So I often feel that I know half of you as well as I should and like less than half as well as you deserve. In other words I’m too nice for my own liking and been becoming more reserved to be as nice as I have to those that do not deserve my kindness.

The most important thing in the face is the eyes, and if you can make the eyes talk, you’re halfway there. – Ian Holm

Good acting tip from Ian but also I feel that the eyes do say a lot about a person. I tend to look at the people that I’m talking to in order to connect on a deeper level. When someone can’t look or won’t look at you or avoids you looking into their eyes some call it shyness which can be a partial truth but I think it’s something underlying… to look into someone’s eyes shows confidence and shows you have their undivided attention.

I think I’m quite ready for another adventure. – Bilbo Baggins

Ian Holm has started his new adventure at the end of June. Yes I am someone that believes that what we’re living now is only one instance of perhaps many instances or adventures. Bilbo Baggins set off from Grey Havens and sailed with the elves with his nephew Frodo.