Kate McKinnon Once Said…

Kathryn McKinnon Berthold was born on January 6, 1984. Kate is an American actress, comedian and writer. Kate’s known for being on SNL for her celebrity impressions and many movies.

I only come up with things when I am talking to myself, which I do constantly. The sidewalk and the subway are the best places for this. I speak at full volume and laugh at myself if I like what I just said. – Kate McKinnon

I think many people have a habit of talking to themselves and it’s strange when someone becomes uncomfortable if they’re caught or seem to be embarrassed or annoyed if you catch them doing it. You are with yourself all the time and it’s human nature to talk things through to make sure they sound good. I know as a writer, one doesn’t notice if something doesn’t quite sound right until you say it out loud and more often than not there’s no one around. I think creative people talk to themselves the most to try to iron out what they want to do or say or for those that write music or in Kate’s case do comedy.

People think they are crazy enough to change the world are the ones who do. – Kate McKinnon

I couldn’t agree more I think that there are many of us that have that drive in us to put our mark on the world in some way and so we try and sometimes we succeed at being able to be an influence to one person. It may not change everyone but it’s a start, those little marks in the world add up and promote more change. Change feeds and grows on those that want it to.

The struggle of whether to try to be completely assimilate or to be alienated and really run with what makes you different… That tension is the genesis of any sort of meaningful creation. – Kate McKinnon

I think when people stand apart from each other and show that they are unique and not just another robot or cog in the wheel that isn’t to alienate those that don’t I think it’s just a way of being able to be or do differently than the normal. There is always a certain amount of tension that one goes through in the creative process or when is trying to get noticed.

Best of Kate McKinnon on SNL

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