Lily Tomlin Once Said…

Mary Jean “Lily” Tomlin was born on September 1, 1939. Lily is an American actress, comedian, writer, singer, and producer. I’ve enjoyed the many movies that Lily has starred in through the years in addition to the Netflix series she’s in Grace & Frankie with Jane Fonda, Martin Sheen and Sam Waterston.

I always wondered why somebody who doesn’t do something about that. Then I realized I was somebody. – Lily Tomlin

This is exactly how I feel is that I have often thought that someone should do something about x and because I have had experience with being the victim of y then I feel that I am uniquely qualified to help. So that’s one of the main reasons I started writing this blog is to connect with people and be able to share with them my experience and bring them a bit of hope.

Don’t be afraid of missing opportunities. Behind every failure is an opportunity somebody wishes they had missed. – Lily Tomlin

We often regret things or think of things that we wish we had done or wish we hadn’t done. Some are missed opportunities but there are plenty of opportunities out there waiting for you to go do them. Whatever it is that you want to do with your life, whether it’s your bucket list, wish list or whatever it is that you want to call it, do those things. Plan to do those things and make it a point to put yourself out there and do these things, try new things and you’ll find that you will feel more fulfilled with your life. Don’t regret things once you have gotten away from the bad, you survived that shit and now it’s time to celebrate your life, celebrate your victory over whatever it is. Be grateful for those that helped and for your survival.

I like a teacher who gives you something to take home to think about besides homework. – Lily Tomlin

I considered going to school to become a teacher a time or two because I love to be able to teach someone things that I have experienced and things that I know. I also know I still have the time to be able to do that if I choose to. I do enjoy writing though and it has become a passion along with my art and photography. I have found like Lily that the best teachers are those that you still think about years later after having them as a student. I have been blessed with many great teachers in my life and not all of them were in school. Some of them were friends or are friends of mine, sometimes it was from books or stories. It is amazing what you learn if you listen. Also if you read and I love to read.

Lily Tomlin doing one of her famous skits.

This is one of my fondest memories of Ms. Tomlin growing up seeing her in that big rocking chair doing that little girl voice. “And that’s the truth, pfffff!”