Cameron Diaz Once Said…

Cameron Michelle Diaz was born on August 30, 1972. Cameron is an American former actress, author, producer, and model.

In this day and age, everybody thinks that to be famous is to be happy, but having love and giving love are what’s going to make you happy. – Cameron Diaz

I’m not one to believe that becoming famous would make me happy. Would I like to have many people read what I write yes, that’s why I’m as public as I am about it. Would I like someone to buy something I write or my art or photography, absolutely. But I don’t write because I want to be famous and I don’t do art or photography either for that. I do it because it’s part of how I express myself and how I allow people to see through my eyes. And that makes me happy being able to share myself, my vision and my work.

Knowledge makes me feel powerful because it allows me to engage the world with compassion, curiosity, self-confidence, patience, and generosity. – Cameron Diaz

I think the more you do in life with trying different things, going places, whatever it is, reading, lots of reading helps you build your knowledge and listening to people to find out where they like to go if you’re vacationing or just moved somewhere new. That’s how you meet friends too is by engaging with someone and finding out your common likes, if you have a meet-cute then you already know something you both have in common. For the most part, I think that people are friendly if you can get past the barrier that we put up to guard against getting hurt or for some just unknown or not wanting to talk to a stranger… I still find myself doing it and they usually end up talking more than I expected. Sharing your knowledge, being patient, and generous are definitely things that I look for in friendships. One person cannot carry the entire relationship without having something in return.

I don’t care how smart a kid you are. The only way you learn what’s not right is from experience. – Cameron Diaz

Sad but true we learn from our mistakes and sometimes that’s not the easiest thing to learn in life. Some people it takes them longer to get the message. That’s why parents need to give their children room to grow, express themselves and try to encourage them not to spend their entire time on their tablets, gaming consoles, computers or phones. Learn to use your imagination, spend time outside, gadgets are expensive and while they are fun not everyone is made of money. These days it seems like kids aren’t learning as much about responsibility and hard work. They have a lot of things handed to them in over abundance. I’m not saying you can’t spoil the kids sometimes but I think we go overboard and that’s often I believe from how the person grew up, they want to make sure that their children have what they did not but I think in some ways coming from a poor to middle class family you learn about work, you learn how to have fun and what you need to do in order to get things you want in life.

NSFC – Cameron Diaz & Christina Applegate scene in The Sweetest Thing

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