Elvis Costello Once Said…

Declan Patrick MacManus, known professionally as Elvis Costello was born on August 25, 1954. Elvis is an English singer-songwriter. While I was living in New York City I seen him play at the Beacon Theater and a more intimate show he did at the Supper Club with Steve Nieve.

Happiness isn’t a fortune in a cookie. It’s deeper, wider, funnier, and more transporting than that. – Elvis Costello

I think some people would be happy to have a fortune cookie. What if the fortune cookie was their favorite cookie? Then the cookie would make you happy. But alas Elvis does have a point, a cookie will only bring you temporary happiness as does a fortune from inside the cookie. Some people look into fortunes as signs or fate but they are words and it is chance that you open a particular cookie and who is or isn’t to say that the cookie that you get is the cookie you were meant to get. Is there any such thing as fate? What if you open your fortune and it is blank? It has been said that a blank fortune is bad luck. But there are a lot of superstitions. I don’t believe crossing a black cat’s path brings you misfortune, nor is stepping on a crack, or walking under a ladder, or opening an umbrella inside. Happiness is a deep emotion and often comes from within yourself and what what you do in order to achieve it. You understand your jokes and it’s funniest to you, you understand yourself better than anyone else and it is up to you to share that so someone else can see how special you are.

The truth can’t hurt you, it’s just like the dark. It’s scares you witless, but in time you see things clear and stark. – Elvis Costello

This is why for me I insist on the truth in situations. I would rather have the truth than live with lies. I would rather know than not know because it is often the unknown that eats away at you and can drive you nuts. I struggle with something I do not know and something I will likely not know until who knows when or possibly never. When I learned the truth of what happened to Dexter it opened up the constant question of what did he do to Luna? I have often asked my therapist how I can possibly make that question stop. I often try to refocus my attention to other things but I still find myself getting tripped up on that question. The truth isn’t going to change the fact that she’s dead, it didn’t change the fact that Dexter is dead. It for me just helped me be able to cope with the loss itself. But in this particular situation I have no desire ever to speak with that fucker ever again. So there are a few catches to me wanting or my brain seeking the truth so I keep telling myself he killed her, he caused her death, you may not know exactly how like you do with Dexter but he killed them both. But stopping my brain is not easy and that’s not something that Elvis has answered. The truth itself did not hurt me, the truth in my situation set me free. Free from that fucking asshole for ever and ever. That is something that makes me very fucking happy.

Can a mere song change people’s minds? I hope that it is so. But a song can infiltrate your heart and the hear may change your mind. – Elvis Costello

I don’t know if a mere song could change ones mind. It would have to be an extraordinary song and I think it depends on the situation to what it needs to change your mind about because there is no song that exists nor will ever exist that will ever change my mind about how I feel about that man that took my Dexter and my Luna from me. NEVER. There’s no words, nothing that will ever change the way I feel. He took away my little loves from me. He hurt them and he hurt me to my core. He killed who I was and I have had to rebuild and am still in the process of rebuilding. There will never ever be any part of me that will want to have anything to do with him. He’s destroyed enough. That might make me stubborn but I also find that is part of where my strength comes in, that strength that made me survive his fucking shit. I LIVED, you didn’t win. I won this time. There will never be another time. Game is over.

Everyday I Write the Book – Elvis Costello

Some may be surprised to learn that I seen Elvis twice in concert…. granted it was the person I was seeing at the time that was the huge fan but I have did enjoy his music and enjoyed seeing him in concert both times.

Tempted – Squeeze with Elvis Costello in song.

Now I may not believe in fate or be superstitious but I do wholeheartedly believe if you fuck with someone karma will eventually come around and bite you. What comes around goes around which is why I tend to be nice and not evil and cruel. I choose to live and fight for my life.