Alfred Hitchcock Once Said…

Sir Alfred Joseph Hitchcock August 13, 1899 and died on April 29, 1980. Alfred was an English film director and producer.

A happy marriage is a marriage when the husband understands every word that is not said by his wife. – Alfred Hitchcock

Alfred was a clever man who made great suspense movies and had a way with words as well. These words regarding how a happy marriage being where the man understands what a woman doesn’t say is something that happens with time and tends to make women much happier. When we can just look at you and you know or when we’re surprised by you. Happy woman makes a happy life. Men need to be happy too and so it is a two way street.

In a good marriage each is the others better half. – Alfred Hitchcock

This is something to consider if you feel otherwise about the other person being your better half perhaps you should look at the relationship and ask yourself what’s missing. What do you want? Are you letting that person know? Is it one sided? Can you fix it? Do you want to?

I have a feeling that inside you somewhere there’s somebody nobody knows about. – Alfred Hitchcock

I believe this of everyone. Just when you think you know someone, sometimes you find out you knew very little or that they were hiding a part of themselves or lying. I believe in talking with each other, sharing with one another and listening to one another. Taking interest in what each other is doing and supporting each other. These are keys to success in a relationship. Consistency, kindness and respect.

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