Mark Cuban Once Said…

Mark Cuban was born on July 31, 1958. Mark is an American entrepreneur, television personality, media proprietor, and investor. You may know him from Shark Tank with Barbara Corcoran or being the owner of the NBA team the Dallas Mavericks. As of April of 2020, Mark’s net worth was 4.3 (US) billion dollars.

Always wake up with a smile knowing that today you are going to have fun accomplishing what others are too afraid to do. – Mark Cuban

Mark just may know a thing or two about accomplishing what you want in life being that he is a businessman and entrepreneur. Waking up with a smile helps you stay positive and people can hear when you’re smiling… might sound crazy but there is a way that people sound when they are or aren’t smiling. Try it out, blindfold yourself and record yourself smiling and talking and not smiling and talking. I guarantee you will hear the difference. That’s not the only message that Mark was stating with this quote, it is about doing what you’re doing and trying when others are not trying or doing.

It’s not about money or connections. It’s the willingness to outwork and outlearn everyone when it comes to your business. And if it fails, you learn from what happened and do a better job next time. – Mark Cuban

I think there is something to say about money and connections so I partially disagree with Mark on this but I do believe that you need the willingness to outwork and learn more from everyone when it comes to business. Also he notes to learn from your failures on what not to do. These are very wise words. And it isn’t just to do with business but in life. A relationship fails, pay attention to why it failed and be honest with yourself so you don’t make the same mistakes in the future. When one doesn’t pay attention to the failures one experiences they are doomed to repeat and fail again until you learn those lessons.

Because if you’re prepared and you know what it takes, it’s not a risk. You just have to figure out how to get there. There is always a way to get there. – Mark Cuban

Another example of a way to think in life and I know this to be true for myself. I’ve been told you shouldn’t do this or that, you’ll never be able to make it, you can’t drive all the way to Texas alone. But I did drive alone from Wisconsin to Texas just because it failed, in the long run, doesn’t mean that I didn’t expand my horizons in the meantime. I have photographs from California, Utah, Arizona and I’ve swum in the ocean many times. I’ve seen the most beautiful sunrises and sunsets and I wouldn’t want to change any of that. You have to believe in yourself and not listen to those that try to make you doubt, make you question what you want to do. Stand up and push yourself to do those things. Make head-ways and live your life.