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Deborah Harry Once Said…

Deborah Ann Harry, born Angela Trimble on July 1, 1945. Deborah is an American singer, songwriter, model, and actress, known as the lead singer of the new wave band Blondie.

How can one be a woman and not be a feminist? That’s my question – Deborah Harry

And what an interesting question it is. As a woman I do wonder how a woman or why a woman would not consider themselves a feminist? I suppose if you’re talking about the degrees of feminism but what I think most women want is to be treated as equals, be heard, be seen, be paid and be equal. It’s not a difficult concept and not a bad idea. We should try it on for size and see where it goes shouldn’t we?

I wasn’t going to be told by my record company how to look. – Deborah Harry

That’s the thing about being a star, a model, a singer, an actress or entertainer is that there are certain expectations or have been through the years and still are. We think that it’s getting better but there are still men and women that are too heavy, too thin, too short, too tall, too big of a nose or whatever it is or they don’t dress like a lady or they won’t dress sexily… there’s an amount of judgment and stringency that’s attached and stigma that changes as times change. Now with computers and things being digital, it’s so easy to manipulate pictures to make someone’s eyes go from brown to blue or get rid of scars, tattoos and make you look thinner. Then when you meet the person in real life you’re shocked. For entertainers it’s worse because being in the spotlight they’re often told that or not quite but may be forced to put on makeup just for the cameras, to wear hair extensions or wigs, or Spanx. Pretty much anything to make you not look the way you are naturally.

Nothing much has changed since the Seventies, Women need to shrug off the criticisms, as I did back in the day. – Deborah Harry

I would say that nothing much has changed in who knows how long, longer than the Seventies when it comes to equality and it’s not only just equality for women but equality for other races, for transgender, for homosexuals. I think that there has been people trying and pushing to try to change our world to make it more equal but it’s not quite there yet and I doubt I get to see it in my lifetime. I would love to though. I do consider myself someone on the lines, I vote, I encourage people to treat each other with kindness and respect and as equals but I’m one person and I just have two blogs that I write in daily to send my message out. What I hope is that you get the message that I’m trying to send and you try to really look at it and ask yourself if there’s anything you can do to change things because a lot of little things and people trying can start a movement and it can get momentum and grow. That’s when change happens.

Rapture – Blondie 1981

Blondie was one of the first bands to debut a rap video on MTV with Rapture but it wasn’t the first rap song recorded that was from the Sugarhill Gang with “Rappers Delight”.