Ross Perot Once Said…

Henry Ross Perot was born on June 27, 1930 and died on July 9, 2019. Ross was an American business magnate, billionaire, philanthropist, and politician.

In business, people are held accountable. In Washington, nobody is held accountable. In business people are judged on results. In Washington, people are measured by the ability to get reelected. – Ross Perot

I think that’s why government from top to bottom should be scrutinized and revamped so that everyone is held accountable from police officers to judges to senators to wardens and presidents and others not mentioned. The law and order is seriously outdated and when anyone tries to do anything to change outdated crap it takes too long and someone else gets in office and the process starts over again. I think that the whole system really needs review, it shouldn’t take that long to make things right. Maybe I’m just tired of the way things have been for far too long and really want that change that everyone always says they’re going to do but always seem to drop the ball.

If you really want to know who is responsible for the mess we’re in, all you have to do is look in the mirror. You and I own this country, and we are responsible for what happens to it. – Ross Perot

While I do agree on many levels of this statement about how we are all responsible and that we should all be trying to do something in order to help make a change or make sure that things do get changed. We should also accept responsibility to turning a blind eye to things that we think we shouldn’t get in the middle of or have no place to talk about. If someone doesn’t speak up for things that people do that aren’t right then change will not happen. People will keep doing whatever the hell they want to and get away with it. Be part of the change, stop being meek, stop thinking that your vote makes no difference, stop thinking that it’s ok to do something because someone else does it. Have dignity and respect and stand up for others, treat each others as equals and lets make things right.

Which one of the three candidates would you want your daughter to marry? – Ross Perot

I would say this is a little outdated and should state which one of these candidates would you want your child to marry? I think it’s more than possible and we’re long overdue to have a woman have a chance to be President. I’m a Libertarian and voted for Gary Johnson, but this year we have Jo Jorgensen as a Libertarian candidate. What more people need to do is not look at the election as black and white, as only Republican and Democratic, they need to see the grey area and need to include the Libertarian candidate. She should be allowed to participate in the debates instead of it being pigeon-holed into the workings of the other two. If you click on the link for Gary Johnson it goes to the Supreme Court to ask Appeals Court against Presidential Debate Commission to try to get them to look at Independents to be included in the debates.

The history of my own political views has changed over the years. I remember in elementary school there was this newsletter or short magazine that we’d receive and I remember when it had talked about the upcoming election and at the time who would you vote for. At that age, I recall wanting to vote for Ronald Reagan. I can’t exactly remember why maybe because he was the most widely recognized candidate to me at that point. Later when I came of age to be able to vote for 1992, my first time voting and what I paid attention to were things that I believed in and things that meant a lot to me and the race was between Democrat, Bill Clinton, Republican, George W. Bush and Independent, our Ross Perot that ran as an Independent or Third Party and in ’96 when he ran again as an Independent started the Reform Party. I remember voting in both the ’92 and ’96 election and I voted Democratic for Bill Clinton.

I have to say that I don’t think I learned as much about politics as I did as I became older. I remember being in history class and learning about George Washington and Abraham Lincoln (and that was long before I knew I was related to Lincoln) and of course John F. Kennedy but I think that at the time I wasn’t as receptive and it wasn’t until adulthood when I had more going on in my life and I actually started paying attention to issues that affected me and wanting to make a change. I remember there was one time I remember voting for Al Gore because I believed that he would help with the environment and I remember voting for George W. Bush after September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon. Then I went through a period that I didn’t vote because I didn’t want to choose the lesser of the evils but that turned around for me in 2016 when I felt I finally found my way. I actually looked at the different parties and looked at the candidates and learned a lot about being Libertarian and figured out that was what I really was drawn to more than the other parties.

I know it’s frustrating when it comes to politics and I know that third-party candidates don’t get the recognition that they deserve but I have embraced the Libertarian party wholeheartedly but I still look at the candidates and I still have to do my own reading up on Jo Jorgensen, I don’t want to just vote for her just because but I know for a fact I’m not voting for Trump and I’m not voting for Biden. What I suggest for people who haven’t voted or are new to voting is don’t be a follower…. don’t just copy what your Dad or best friend votes for but look at the candidates, learn about who they are and what they’ve done and what they want to do. Most importantly though don’t think for a minute that your vote won’t count because the more people who vote the better the outcome will really be. In this last election year 55% of the adult population voted, 45% DID NOT vote. We need to vote, that’s how we make changes. So Rock that Vote!

Spend a lot of time talking to customers face to face. You’d be amazed how many companies don’t listen to their own customers. – Ross Perot

Government and businesses are both responsible for not communicating well with their customers or people who vote for them. The companies often think that their products speak for themselves and for the most part that is a good point but as a good company or candidate in government you should want to talk to your customers and talk to the voters. Actually listen to what the people want and as one of the customers or voters we need to be responsible to let our businesses and candidates know what the hell it is that needs to be changed and what we want from businesses.