Edward Scripps Once Said…

Edward Willis Scripps was born on June 18, 1854  and died on March 12, 1926. Edward was an American newspaper publisher and with his sister Ellen, founded the E.W. Scripps Company. In 1958 the company became United Press International when it merged with International News Service.

A man can do anything he wants to do in this world, at least if he wants to do it badly enough. – E.W. Scripps

It may be a common quote that you can do anything you set your mind to and this is similar that a man can do anything he wants in this world if he wants to badly enough. Same concept and quite true. You have to have ambition in life to do things, to create things, to change things and I believe that Edward had this ambition. He started as an office boy in the newspaper The Detroit News which he founded with his brother James. With financial help from his sister Ellen went on to acquire 25 newspapers which was the beginnings of the news empire of E.W. Scripps Company. In 1907 Edward created the United Press Associations now UPI.

In America the press rules the country: it rules its politics, its religion, its social practices. – E.W. Scripps

I hate stating that this is still somewhat true that our country is ruled by the press but I think when Edward stated this and decided to put together several media outlets into one conglomerate that he knew exactly what he was doing. As long as the media actually records the truth and sells the truth instead of being complacent to politicians or bought by other means. I believe not all press is bad or influenced by false facts but I think that there has been some unfortunate truths. I do think that with the start of reality tv and the Internet with social media many things have changed. I think social media and Internet has opened up possibilities for many opportunities if one knows where or how to find them.

Do good to your friend to keep him, and to make your enemy to make him your friend. – E.W. Scripps

Is this another way of stating keep your friends close and your enemies closer? Perhaps or maybe Edward meant to be good to your friends and to gain more friends you should also be good to your enemies so they become your friend. I don’t believe that everyone can be friends and don’t think everyone has to be friends but I do believe you should be good to one another. That is something I strongly believe in no matter what race, religion, sexual preference, gender, economic status, job or no job, no matter what we should be kind. This world has seen so much hate and almost thrives upon it, feeds on racism, violence, war, differences and I think that it really is time for a major change. Don’t you?

This small gallery of pictures are from when I first moved to Cincinnati and went downtown to see the sights. I’ve been back and forth many times as many of you may know from going to my Instagram page. There really is so much to see in the historic city of Cincinnati and proud to live here.

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