Dear Nancy,

I know this is normally just quotes but this is a letter for my loving cousin and cheerleader Nancy. My silver girl. Shine on.


The Luna Projects

There are so many things I wished I had shared with you that I didn’t get time to but at least I was able to share as much as I could and did with the time that we had. I wish you were still here but I know that you’re now in a better place surrounded by people who loved and love us. And you are now one of those that loved us. You loved us so much and you always always showed us every time you gave us any of your time. I’ll never forget the random and often texts, the occasional calls where we learned more, you helping me when I needed you to the most but didn’t ask for it. Thank you for all of it. Thank you for being my biggest cheerleader. We all need a good cheerleader and you were always the greatest one I…

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