William H. Prescott Once Said…

William Hickling Prescott was born on May 4, 1796 and died on January 28, 1859. William became known for his eidetic memory that became a historian recognized by historiographers to have been the first American scientific historian.

The history of literature is the history of the human mind. It is, as compared with other histories, the intellectual as distinguished from the material, the informing spirit as compared with the outward and visible. – William H. Prescott

How brilliant is that? Of course it makes sense if one studies literature you study human evolution and if you study history you get to see the peaks and falls of it as well. I’m sure that’s part of why he was fascinated to take that dive into history. I suppose that’s why any of us are inclined to look into history to see where we were, how we’ve progressed and see what was passed along to us. I know that’s why I have worked on my family genealogy for so many years. We can learn a lot from the past and the present and as long as we’re learning that helps us move forward.

Self-interest, be it enlightened, works indirectly for the public good. – William H. Prescott

I think what William was trying to say is that we should have an enlightened self-interest, not be self absorbed…. self-interest that is enlightened is one that not just looks at what one is doing but notices what goes on around you and that would work for the public good. It would do a lot of the world good if people had an enlightened self-interest instead of only thinking of ones self.

While I write this everyday first and foremost for myself to think more positively and train my brain to be inspired and to explore my own morals and to help others who may be questioning their moral journey.

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