Emma Thompson Once Said…

Dame Emma Thompson was born on April 15, 1959. Emma is a British actress, screenwriter, activist, author and comedian. Emma has played so many characters which I have loved from being in the Harry Potter series, Stranger Than Fiction, Nanny McPhee and I loved Wit.

I think our hearts are very chemical and we change the way we see people according to how we feel about them. That’s what love is, in a way. – Emma Thompson

Emma Thompson is someone I’ve always loved seeing in movies who is beautiful, versatile and intelligent. She’s a self proclaimed feminist and atheist and libertarian. I picked this particular quote from her because it makes sense about hearts being chemical and we don’t so much choose what or who we love but our bodies do but I think our minds also contribute to that in some ways to help override the heart when people are evil.

I’m an atheist. I suppose you can call me a sort of libertarian anarchist. I regard religion with fear and suspicion. It’s not enough to say that i don’t believe in God. I actually regard the system as distressing. I am offended by some of the things said in the Bible and the Koran and I refute them. – Emma Thompson

I have gone through plenty of different transitions regarding religion in my lifetime. I was baptized and raised Catholic, my Grandmother decided for a while to be part of the Jehovah’s Witness religion and I have lived several different places and experienced other religions and I’m still exploring them. For a while, I thought that I was agnostic but I consider myself to be spiritual. But there’s something to be said about Emma’s quote and being offended by some things that are in the Koran and the Bible. I haven’t personally read either cover to cover but I know I disagree with some of the things I heard either while in church and find them to be distressing. One of my ex-husbands was an atheist and I learned a lot from him. I didn’t hold it against him that he didn’t believe because he argued with plenty of people and indeed read the Bible and I found some of the things that he said to be insightful. But it didn’t change my views of being spiritual. What I dislike about atheists is that they talk about death just being the end and yes it is the end of this life but I have felt spirits and had experiences with them and I cannot just discount that. I believe in spirits and that we are just sent on a different path once we shed this mortal coil.

I remember reading, The Celestine Prophecies, The Tenth Insight and The Twelfth Insight books and how that changed my perspective on a lot of things. Granted I was in my twenties and I may have to revisit reading them again to see if they have the same impact on me as they did back when. There is a lot to be said about those books in particular that I took away is that we’re all made up of energy, every living thing, plants, animals and there’s energy in things like rocks, water, mountains, etc. One can connect to the elements of nature and that is one practice I still do today. Maybe that’s part of me being an artist but I know it’s something more than that.

It’s unfortunate and I really wish I wouldn’t have to say this, but I really like human beings who have suffered. They’re kinder. – Emma Thompson

That is something that I can often agree with Emma about is that it seems as if the more one has suffered in their lives the kinder one is. I think it is because we know cruelty, we know abuse, we know rape, we know domestic violence, we know those things and some of us choose to treat people the way we always wanted to be treated, with kindness.