Jane Lynch Once Said…

Jane Marie Lynch was born July 14, 1960. Jane’s an American actress, voice actress, singer, author, and comedian. She’s been in many movies and multiple tv shows that I’ve enjoyed. One recurring character I have loved is her portrayal on Criminal Minds as Dr. Spencer Reid’s mother, Diana Reid, who is schizophrenic and battling Alzheimer’s disease.

I do feel that softness for vulnerability and the innocence in our world, including my own. – Jane Lynch

I chose Jane Lynch because she’s funny, witty and I love her work. I also used to love watching game show Hollywood Game Night which she hosted. While going through things she’s said I picked out the quote above and have often felt very much the same. Some people think that I’m hard or tough and can be cold but I do have softness and that’s my vulnerability.

While I do see the innocence or beauty of this world and my own I also see it’s darkness and that stems from many people that make this world darker. I’m not saying everyone is dark but I think a lot of the darkness comes from people and those who give light I’m grateful for. Jane who wrote this quote I think is one of those who bring light into this world. I believe I do as well. We need to see and bring more light and laughter into this crazy world to see more of it’s beauty and innocence.