John Snow Once Said…

John Snow was born on 15 March 1813 and died in 16 June 1858. John was an English physician and a leader in the development of anesthesia and medical hygiene. He is considered one of the founders of modern epidemiology, in part because of his work in tracing the source of a cholera outbreak in Soho, London, in 1854. Oxford University researchers state that Snow’s findings inspired the adoption of anesthesia as well as fundamental changes in the water and waste systems of London, which led to similar changes in other cities, and a significant improvement in general public health around the world.

See John Snow knows something. He observed and changed the water and waste systems and promoted cleanliness. With all the coronavirus (Covid-19) panic more cleanliness would go a long way. Washing your hands and keeping your environment clean. Not go OCD over it, not buy $3k in canned goods, or all the toilet paper, hand sanitizer, dried goods etc. Be smart people, yes it’s a threat. Be clean. Be smart, don’t be assholes in a panic.

Thank you John Snow for knowing what you knew and making things better.